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Pasant Stables & Riding Field

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Complete project design for a five acre site including master plan, existing house renovation and interior, new equestrian facilities, observatory, pool and spa, exotic car garages and landscaping.

The heavy timber, all wood stable has five stalls and a tack room. It is highly crafted with a VGDF exposed structural system and Port Orford cedar single wall system. The design is an open concept based on effective air circulation and weather protection using materials that demonstrate natural durability with respect to weather, rot and insects. The stalls are open to the center core. The three-tiered, slotted roof configuration has a solar powered air movement system that pushes air up into the tiered ceiling and out the slots, providing superior ventilation and minimizing odors and insects. The riding fields were designed with layers of decomposed granite, sand and earth interwoven with French drains to immediately dry the field after rains. The water is diverted to holding tanks down-slope and used later for irrigation.
The concept of "watering holes" stables linked by community riding trails in the region is the first of its kind. The updraft natural and solar assisted venting through the terraced roof slots is a new idea for the age old problems of heat, odors, and flies in stable structures.