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Glen Oaks Residence

Pasadena, CA

The site is situated in a grove of eucalyptus and pines trees and cascades down an east-facing slope with spectacular views of the Rose Bowl and Pasadena. There was an existing 1300 SF, single level house on the site built in 1956.

This design honors the Post & Beam Case Study houses of the 1950s. The original house was too decayed to save, but the same 12 degree angled floor plan shape and carport view channel were maintained in the design. Challenges: conform to new, restrictive hillside ordinances and strict fire codes, capture the character of the site and maximize the indoor/outdoor connection… difficult to do on a steep slope, design the west facing entry elevation for privacy and security while maximizing view channels to the east, and control light and heat from the sun.

Design a two-story structure with three terraced levels of aluminum grating decks extending down the slope. The west entry is private from the street with western red cedar walls and high clearstory windows that allow light and great sunset views. The east side is all glass with 6' x 8' posts at 8' on center with aluminum grating sun screens. The decks take full advantage of the terrain and every room opens up to views.
Aluminum grating decks allow plants to grow below and also meet the strict fire code. The closets and storage systems are assembled along the west wall with clearstory windows above at the top floor and on the lower floor, built in to the Xypex foundation system. Major materials used were: formed concrete walls, VGDF posts and #1 DF beams, solar glass, all exposed steel bracing and plate system, aluminum decking, Honduras mahogany cabinets, bamboo plywood shelving, wenge counters, and custom stainless steel detailing. Indigenous grasses and succulents were used in the landscaping.

Remodeling and Home Design